“I first met Tess, after a referral to her from Yoga Therapy Australia, in April 2013. I had some serious lung issues from some complications with chemotherapy & radiation, back in 1998/1999. My lung function in April 2013, had regressed back to 20-25% maximum.

          After a very careful & diligent assessment, both in just conversation & physical, Tess ran through with me an individual Yoga practise, that could help me. This was enforced with sketches of the practise. Tess followed me up, every wk & finally I came back to see her a month later. My lung function was 30-35%. Not only had my lung function increased, I was more relaxed & mentally focused.

2 wks later, I enrolled in the first training module of the 3 year diploma in Yoga Therapy, as well as my Yoga Teacher Training.

          Tess has made an incredible difference in my life, & apart from my own practise, as well as training, I love being back home & getting to as many of Tess's classes as possible. Thank you Tess for your caring & understanding nature, & for sharing your amazing wealth of knowledge in your fields.”

          See you in the yoga room!!


Kevin McGrath  Business Owner


“Yoga techniques taught me to relax throughout my pregnancy. Breathing techniques helped me through the contractions and I believe that yoga stopped me from tearing due to pelvic strengthening and helped my recovery too.”


Jacquie Williams  School Teacher



“Tess is skilled and patient teacher, she helped me to heal my lower back pain. I recommend going to her classes and using yoga therapy to bring your body back into balance and get it working how it should be.”


Stephen Proctor  Chi Gong and Tai Chi Meditation Teacher